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manage your business.

Throw away the filing cabinets. 

The premiere all in one practice

management software.

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Time is money. Have more of both.

Outdated methods and inefficient processes cost you time money. Our customizable software allows you, and your clients, to seamlessly manage and complete tax cases on any digital device. And our marketing tools allow you to build the brand and online presence to attract and retain quality customers. Give your clients a premium experience and build a meaningful reputation. 

Tax resolution, just a click away

Countless tax professionals and preparers are needlessly missing out on thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Utilize our tax resolution software to dramatically increase revenue, automate, and streamline your practice.

Collect client information with ease. 

Data collection

Centralized hub to collect all critical client tax information. From employment to income to filing history, now you can collect, review, and store all client data on one organized platform.

Automated task reminders

Engage clients with scheduled reminders and notifications so that you can complete cases in a timely and efficient manor. Eliminate the hassle of ineffective calling, emailing, and dare we say, mailing reminder letters, only to have your messages lost and forgotten.

Custom form building

Your tax forms, completed with ease. Our customizable form builders allow for seamless & efficient data collection. Now you can turn piles of disorganized paperwork into digital documents that are securely stored on our cloud. Conveniently access client data so that you can complete more cases, hassle free.

Custom & Individualized Dashboards.

Attract clients with an online presence

Impress clients with a professional and easy to navigate website. Our platform allows you to design a customizable web page for your business. Upload and feature logos, photos, links, videos, blog content, and more. 

Real-Time Case Management.

Seamless workflows

Seamlessly automate your workflows and eliminate bottlenecks by streamlining approvals and ensuring tasks are completed in the appropriate order.

Access information analytics

Get the information you need to best serve your clients, when you need it. Pull IRS transcripts to review your client's tax information, auto-populate IRS forms, and utilize our tax resolution calculator to ensure your client's best outcome.

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