Manage & Grow your Tax Business.

All in one software for client management, employee engagement
& practice growth. 

TaxUpstart provides customizable client management software to build an efficient high growth tax company.


A premium client experience. 

Provide your clients with a best-practice tax experience using our easy to navigate dashboard. Gone are the days of disorganized emails, calls, and back-and-forth texts. Now you, and your clients, can easily track and manage their case from start to finish on one centralized platform.

Automated forms

Scan, upload, & store all client forms

Data sharing

Workflow Automation 

Task Collaboration

Dedicated Onboard Feature

Built in efficiencies. 

Start managing your business with ease.

TaxUpstart connects a variety of tools and products all on one secure digital platform. Our innovated solutions in client management and tax resolution streamline your entire practice so that you can focus on what you do best. Getting your clients the best possible tax outcome.  

Automated Checklists

Client portal

Practice management 


IRS transcripts 

Automated Reminders & notifications

Employee Experience Platform (EX) 

Cloud base (EX) Employee Experience platform that drives company culture via Employee Engagement, Internal Communications, Recognition and Rewards, and Employee Advocacy.

Social Intranet

Secure Employee Communications

Mobile App on the Go

Payroll Integrations

Manage Remote Workers

And More!


Your company. Your needs. Your way. 

We pride ourselves in building efficiencies tailored to your unique processes. Set up customizable automations that reduce repetitive tasks, speed up workflows, and streamline communication. Spend less time hunting down clients for information and more time growing your business. 

Custom client portals

Customizable security & permissions

Custom form builder 

Custom workflows

And More!!

Custom video uploads

Automated forms

Scan, upload, & store all client forms

Data sharing

Outcome recommendation

Return analytics 

Automated reminders & notifications


Use all your favorite business tools with TaxUpstart. We provide tools and applications tailored to your needs.





Intuit QuickBooks

And more!

Streamline. Scale. Succeed

A fully equipped platform. 

One software solution. All the tools for success.

Document Management

Clients can upload & download documents, fill-out-forms, review documents, and more, all on one centralized platform. 

Client Management

Reduce miscommunications and bottlenecks through centralized dashboards, automated reminders, and our task tracking tools.


Attract and impress clients with your online presence. Feature unique videos, blog content, articles, and more. 

Automated Messaging

Reduce the amount of time spent tracking down paperwork and client information. Set up custom reminders to get tasks completed.

On time. With less hassle.


Implement systems and processes that help you work smarter. Avoid redundancies and maximize efficient workflows to get more done.

Data Analytics

Empower clients and your practice with meaningful data. Check case progress & track client and firm engagement to ensure timely and successful completion of all tasks. 

We build thriving tax businesses. From end to end.

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We've now created the only all-in-one software service that allows tax professionals and small firms to streamline processes, decrease workloads, and grow their client base to sustain a highly lucrative tax business

Thomas Rodgers


"Easy to use technology. Finally!"

I've been a CPA for over 30 years. The endless hunt to find new clients and manage my practice was really starting to wear on me. TaxUpstart allowed me to upgrade my business, decrease menial work like sorting through paperwork and constantly emailing and calling clients, and ultimately, increase my annual revenue. The software is easy to use, even for an old-timer like me! I wish I could have done this years ago! 

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